Storks’ Nests In Marivan

In our last trip to Marivan city in Kordestan province, we met Mr. Mohammad Safrang, an environmental activist. One day morning after birding around the spectacular Zrebar lake, he led us to some villages behind the lake. During our excursion, our attention was drawn to some empty storks’ nests scattered all over the place. The nests were left by storks due to their migration to wintering grounds. The area is a breeding ground for these birds in which they make their nests and breed during warmer months of the year. For the colder months, however, they migrate to the lands of lower latitudes such as some basins in southern Iraq, Saudi Arabia, and even Africa.

A stork's nest
A stork’s nest in fall – marivan
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Mr. Safrang has described how the idea of making nests for storks was developed in Chya Green Community, five years ago.  During this five-year period, about 100 nests have been built with the participation of local people. It is sometimes a kind of vow. About 95% of these nests had been chosen by storks for laying eggs. Interestingly,  birds of other species such as house sparrows, tree sparrows, and starlings are also very likely to live in these nests. That is why we like to call them “birds’ buildings.”

A nest waiting for a stork
A nest waiting for a stork
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It is quite cheap to build a stork’s nest. The average cost is about 25.00 USD.


آشیانه خالی منتظر انتخاب
An empty nest – It is quite cheap to build one
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Local people have welcomed the program; they have helped themselves and their environment by building these nests. Besides, quitting hunting and caring more about the environment could be a relief to forests and the wildlife.

To plan a bird watching trip or a trip to Marivan’s nature, you can contact Mr. Safrang via or call him at +98 933 577 3265

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