Rig Cheshmeh Ecotourism Accommodation

Rig Cheshmeh ecotourism accommodation was introduced to us by one of our friend who is a birdwatcher. We called the phone number on their website and rented a studio with a rural interior design for two nights.

It is easily accessible. As you can see on the map, we went from Fazel Abad towards Mohammad Abad Village, and then to the accommodation.

The road from Mohammad Abad to Rig Cheshmeh
There were many spectacular views in our road to Rig Cheshmeh
Leading signage - Rig Cheshmeh Tourism Accommodation
There was signage all road length leading you towards Rig Cheshmeh.

We were supposed to check in at 14:00 and we arrived around 17:00. Having said that, we had to wait for 15 minutes for checking in due to the fact that the room was still occupied.

Finally, we checked in.

Putting our luggage in the room, we were ready to go hiking in the woods. Mr. Dousti, the manager of the accommodation, was our leading us towards a spring in the heart of the woods. The trail was amazing and many and loads of birds were singing all the way.

The return track from the spring to the accommodation
The return track from the spring to the accommodation, it was two and a half kilometers long.

When we returned to our room, the sun had set. We had a delicious Mirza Ghasemi as dinner. It is a local dish consisting of eggplant, tomato, egg, and garlic. We also had some pieces of fresh garden picked onion. Mr. Dousti had picked them from his garden.

We expected to spend a calm and peaceful night in a countryside. We, also, had planned to record the sound of owls and other species of birds. However, people staying next door were extremely noisy, so we couldn’t find any chance to record any voice of nature. We spent a couple of hours reading a novel and transferring photos to our laptop hoping that our neighbors would sleep soon. But, we were wrong and they continued their party till dawn. Unhappily, we had to sleep indoors with all doors and windows closed.

Next day, after having breakfast, we went to discover the neighborhood. There was a bee yard within walking distance of the accommodation. We went to visit there, and the beekeeper described the process of honey production to us. He talked about different honey types, beehives, and bees’ behavior.

After getting familiar with amazing bees’ lifestyle, we went for birding and photography. Unfortunately, it wasn’t a suitable time for taking photos of birds, so we did our best to take some photos of other aspects of that spectacular environment.

For lunch, we had another local dish, Esfenaj Tahchin. It’s a food made with rice, spinach, and veal. We had ordered it to the kitchen in the morning. After an afternoon nap, we went into the jungle to see pheasants. Although we didn’t succeed to take even a photo of any kind of birds including pheasants, we enjoyed a lot listening to bulbuls singing.

Flower of sun
A glorious sunset or an amazing flower?

Returning to the accommodation, we were introduced to Mr. Hosseini, a friend of Mr. Dousti. He is the forester of that neighborhood. He gave us useful information about the nature and the biodiversity of that area in different seasons. We decided to plan a go on a trip there in a certain time of the year called “Gaav Baangi”. It is a short period in the fall during which marals produce special sounds to mate.

At night, our neighbors were not that noisy, so we could spend a peaceful evening on the balcony, reading a book, breathing fresh air and relaxing in a tranquil atmosphere.

The next day, we woke up early in the morning. We had breakfast which was made and delivered to us last night by kitchen staff. we packed our baggage and left Rig Cheshmeh and said goodby to our new friends while we have taken loads of good memories and photos.

Photos by: Javaneh Azimi and Kaveh Jamali

Author: Javaneh Azimi

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