A new hobby of some people in Tehran and other big cities named “Restaurant Gardi,” means discovering new tastes in different restaurants around the town!!! However we like this hobby, but we usually go to Liana Italian Restaurant [Their official site link] [Their Tripadvisor link] after our evening walk.

Giyermochita Salad
Special Salad contains Basil, Blue cheese, Sliced Olive and …
Giermochita Salad or something like this !!!
The salad was tasty

We went there for Salad only! But the menu and smells there led us to a delicious Pizza:پیتزا گامبرتو با میگوهای خوشمزه

Gamberto Pizza !!! We added some Amazon pepper sauce on, and the result was perfect.

حسن خادمی
Mr. Hasan Khademi, The owner and manager of Liana Italian Restaurant

And finally we visited Mr. Khademi, an old good friend and the Liana Restaurant owner and manager, he was happy and full of energy that night.

Author: Javaneh Azimi

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  1. As MyCamTalks is not an advertisement site, I should add this comment:
    Last time we were there the quality of the food and services was not comparable with other times, It was too bad that I can not suggest it to anyone, anymore.

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