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Miniature Museum Garden

For a long time, when commuting, we saw the entrance of Miniature museum garden every day. We, however, did not…

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Traffic Café

A café is not only a place to drink a cup of coffee but also a right place to spend…

colorful shade canopy
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Early Morning Hafoz Sq.

I reached to Hafoz Sq. (Haft Hoz) during my early morning walking in an autumn cool day. I took some…

Flower Peddler Tehran
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Flower Peddler

It was hot summer noon in Tehran. A flower peddler was sitting on a sidewalk’s floor tiredly. I requested to take some…

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A new hobby of some people in Tehran and other big cities named “Restaurant Gardi,” means discovering new tastes in…

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Sangak Bread Bakery

There are some types of traditional bread in Iran. Some of them like Lavash are common in Iran, Armenia, and…