Bird watching in Esfahan

Esfahan is one of the biggest and most beautiful cities in Iran, and it is famous for its fantastic monuments. Unfortunately, the essential and spectacular river of the town, Zayandeh Rood, has grabbed the headlines many times these years because of drying-up. In our recent trip to this unique city, we went to bird watching in the three different points of the town which seemed to be suitable for birding.

  • The first day: Birding in Najvan Park

We were not so fortunate to find different species of birds at first; just a few numbers of hooded crows and house sparrows appeared. After a while, we succeeded to observe a Spanish sparrow, a great tit and a couple of other species, however. The birds living in the park had a lower escape distance compared to those in Tehran. Many factors were contributing to such amount of fear including continuously passing horse-drawn carriages and a recreational diesel train. There was, also, a noisy chairlift crossing through the trees which could worsen the situation. Due to the reasons mentioned here, we found it difficult to take great photographs of the birds.

Spanish sparrow
Spanish Sparrow
House sparrow
Female house sparrow

Recorded species in this trip includes:

  1. House sparrow
  2. Spanish sparrow
  3. Hooded Crow
  4. Eurasian magpie
  5. Great tit
  6. Chaffinch
  7. Siskin
  • The second day: Shahrestan Bridge Park
Shahrestan Bridge or Jey Bridge
Shahrestan Bridge or Jey Bridge over dried-up Zayandeh Rood

Shahrestan Bridge Park is located in the eastern part of the city beside a bridge of the same name. Shahrestan Bridge, also known as Jey Bridge, is the oldest Isfahan’s bridge over Zayandeh Rood river. We had expected to see a wide range of birds there.

Ring-necked Parakeet
Ring-necked Parakeet has built its nest in a broken tree trunk.
White Wagtail
White Wagtail

Sadly, both the variety and the number of observed birds were quite low, and the only seen species were:

  1. House sparrow
  2. While wagtail
  3. Ring-necked parakeet
  4. Hooded Crow
  • The third day: Chehel Sotoun Palace’s Garden

Chehel Sotoun Palace’s Garden is located in the center of Isfahan. Owing to be in a large area, we expected to record several species.

Chehel Sotoun Mansion
Chehel Sotoun Mansion in a rainy day
Birding in Chehel Sotoun
Tree trunk – Hooded crow – Eurasian magpie – Song thrush

In a two-hour observation, the following species have been found:

  1. Hooded crow
  2. Tree sparrow
  3. Eurasian magpie
  4. Song thrush
  5. Chiffchaff

Drying-up of Zayandeh Rood and some other factors have led to a reduction in the number of migrant birds to Isfahan. Unfortunately, what we found in our three times of birding was pretty insufficient and worrying. Birds do not migrate to Isfahan anymore while the city is spreading boundlessly and it could be a serious environmental threat to the town.

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