A road trip to Armenia – Part 1

A road trip to Armenia – Part 1, from Tehran to Norduz border

Do you know how you can make a road trip from Tehran to Yerevan?
Roads in Armenia - Narrow and Broken
Roads in Armenia – Narrow and Broken, but Spectacular; Photo by Javaneh Azimi

We were pretty curious about the answer, so we started doing some research on it. We asked our friends who had made a similar trip. We also consulted with Mr Google. We read almost all the related stuff in English or Persian on the Internet. Most Persian texts were either commercial or outdated. There, also, were no useful English information on similar trips on the web because Armenia has no diplomatic relations with two of its neighbouring countries. You can just make a road trip via its northern an southern neighbours, Georgia and Iran.

We started to plan our trip. Being Iranian, we were barely able to book an apartment online, but we managed to book one, eventually. Then we should pass some official procedures to make sure that we could drive in other countries. To exit from your country, you should have your car’s cabotage document, an English version of your vehicle registration, a transit plate, and an international driving license.

You, as either a vehicle owner or their attorney, should go to one of certain customs centres. Its branch in Tehran is located at the intersection of  Azadegan highway and Fath highway. Then you should go to the Touring & Automobile Club Of the Islamic Republic Of Iran.

The border crossing between Iran and Armenia is Nurduz. Border checkpoints of these two countries are located on both sides of the Aras river. The closest cities to Nurduz are Jolfa nad Hadishahr. Jolfa has a few hotels which were fully booked at the time we were there, so we decided to book a room in Tabriz. We stayed there overnight, and the following day, we started our trip towards Nurduz border early in the morning.

On the road to Tabriz
On the road to Tabriz, Photo by Kaveh Jamali

Tabriz is a spectacular city. Although we stayed there just for one night, we decided to visit its most significant and the most famous mall which is called Laleh Park. The city looked brilliant from the complex’s balcony viewpoint.

Tabriz was shining from the Lalleh Park's balcony viewpoint
Tabriz was shining from the Laleh Park’s balcony viewpoint, Photo by Kaveh Jamali

It took us a few minutes to choose our food.

The special appetizers for holly Ramadan month
The special appetisers for holly Ramadan month

It also took ten minutes to receive our orders thanks to this automated Doner Kebab stock.

This Doner Kebab stock had an automated blade to cut the meat as thin as possible
This Doner Kebab stock had an automated blade to cut the meat as thin as possible. Photo by Javaneh Azimi

Now we hade are food, but all the tables were occupied, and despite the fact that there were many free chairs all around the food court, nobody accepted us at their table. Being shocked by the hospitality of people of Tabriz, we had our dinner which had to stand in a corner on our feet.

Early in the morning, we were driving towards the border. We went to Hadishahr then to Siahrood.

The road from Hadishahr to Siahrood
The road from Hadishahr to Siahrood. Photo by Javaneh Azimi

We had our breakfast by this tranquil riverside before Siahrood.

We had our breakfast beside this river
We had our breakfast beside this river. Photo by Ali Pakzad Sedigh

We filled up the car at a gas station in Siahrood, which was the last gas station before the border. At an exchange shop, we changed some Rials to Drams to be able to pay toll and taxes and our lunch bill. 

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We reached to Nurduz border by ten o’clock. You can find more about our trip here:

سفر زمینی به ایروان ارمنستان با خودروی شخصی بخش دوم

and here:

سفر زمینی به ایروان ارمنستان با خودروی شخصی بخش سوم

سفر زمینی به ارمنستان با خودروی شخصی بخش چهارم

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