Sangak Bread Bakery

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Sangak Bread Shop

There are some types of traditional bread in Iran. Some of them like Lavash are common in Iran, Armenia and Georgia; but probably Sangak is exclusive to Iran. The word “Sangak” means small stone and it refers to the special oven in which it is baked. The floor of this special oven is covered by a lot of stones. The above picture shows you “Sangaki”, the Sangak bakery shop.

baker take out the bread from oven
Sangak Bread Oven
Inside Sangak Bread Oven

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  1. هر وقت می روم تهران حتما سنگک کنجدی بزرگ می گیرم از سنگکی محله کودکی ام. یاد روزهایی که بچه بودیم و عصر ها تو صف نون و …

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