Miniature Museum Garden

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For a long time, when commuting, we saw the entrance of Miniature museum garden every day. We, however, did not have any idea that what is displaying in the museum. A Friday morning, after bird watching in Golbarg (Tamaddon) Park, we found some time to visit as well as explore the almost new museum. The entrance fee was quite cheap, 2000 Tomans.

Miniature Museum Garden & Tamaddon Park
The entrance of Miniature Museum Garden and Tamaddon Park

When we entered the museum we encountered this lovely area. It reminded us of traditional Persian houses.

The reason for naming the place as Miniature museum is the fact that there are miniature models of the most famous sight-seeing and monuments of Iran scattered all around an eye-catching area. Here are some photos of a number of maquettes, but we recommend you to go and visit the whole museum. It is worth it!

Shooshtar Historical Waterfalls
Shooshtar waterfalls were empty of water due to a cleaning process.
The Bazaar of Tabriz
The Bazaar of Tabriz
Another view of the Bazaar of Tabriz
Another view of the Bazaar of Tabriz
A model of an Armenian church
A model of an Armenian church
An Armenian church's maquette
The churches’ maquettes were really well-designed
The maquette of Persepolis
The maquette of Persepolis

At the end of our visit, we entered a big gallery of beautiful photos of original monuments of the museum’s miniatures. There was also a photo of Shazdeh Garden that we couldn’t find any model of it in the museum. One of the staff told us that there was not enough space to build that miniature. You can see a 360-degree photo of the gallery here:

You can, also, find the location of the Miniature museum on the following map.

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  1. Interesting photos. Makes me want to book a ticket and go visit the museum right now. Tehran is anyways on my list to visit as I have photographed most other places for my professional portfolio. Thanks.

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